Bright Star Mobile Library (BSML) is a Trust. It was created and registered in Islamabad on November 26, 2009. It commenced its operations in May 2011 with two vehicles used as mobile libraries and serving over 1,000 students a week in five primary schools in rural outskirts of Islamabad. Over the years BSML has grown. In 2017, BSML has five vehicles. These serve as mobile libraries visiting 20 schools every week and its services reach over 5,000 primary school children. In early 2018 the BSML fleet will increase to 7 vehicles with proportional increase in its coverage.

BSML is funded through voluntary donations and grants. It provides its services totally free of cost to its beneficiaries, students of primary schools.

BSML is certified by Pakistan Centre of Philanthropy (PCP), a prestigious organization that carries out due diligence of NGOs in Pakistan.


A child’s first six years at school (Preparatory to 5th. Grade) are the most formative, when the young learn to read. The interest in reading, developed during these years, forms the foundation on which reading habits are built for life. Since the commencement of BSML operations, the impact of something as simple as bringing brightly illustrated storybooks to schools in poor neighbourhoods has been startling. It has surprised parents, teachers, and most of all the children themselves. The parents of young readers reported keenness of their children not wanting to miss school on BSML visit days. BSML now delivers library services to over 5,000 young students, primarily from marginalized and underprivileged families.
A library is normally a passive entity that provides access to books to individuals wishing to read books for leisure, knowledge or research. This approach works in societies with established library culture. The BSML recognizes that in the absence of libraries and library culture in the participating schools there is a need for a proactive approach to introduce the youth to the world of books and inculcate reading habits in them. BSML brings books to children whose schools have no libraries for them or access to books and guides and motivates them through storytelling and guided books reading sessions. The mobile library approach helps the BSML to serve several schools in geographically diverse areas. The BSML works in close collaboration with school teachers to introduce library culture in a sustainable way.
The BSML, through its service, aims to promote good reading habits among the young to help them grow into knowledgeable, responsible and tolerant adults of the world. In addition to increasing knowledge, reading helps children to develop questioning minds and the desire to seek answers. The BSML also imparts soft social messages to sensitize the young about cleanliness, timeliness, environment, respect for different views and cultures and informing them of qualities that increase confidence and help develop character in the young readers.