The Bright Star Mobile Library delivers library services to nearly 6,000 young students, from Prep to fifth grade, in 20 schools in rural areas of Islamabad. Most of the children, benefiting from the BSML services, belong to low-income marginalized families to whom access to books of excellent quality is a very enriching experience.

A library is normally a passive entity that provides access to books to individuals wishing to read books for leisure, knowledge or research. The BSML is however different. It recognizes that in the absence of libraries and library culture in the participating schools there is need to provide an interactive library experience to introduce them to the world of reading and books. It therefore actively works to promote love for reading in children during their most formative years through story telling and guided book reading sessions. The mobile library approach helps the BSML to serve several schools in geographically diverse areas. The BSML works in close collaboration with school teachers to introduce library culture in a sustainable way.

The BSML, through its service, aims to promote good reading habits among the young to help them grow into knowledgeable, responsible and tolerant adults of the world. In addition to increasing knowledge, reading helps children to develop questioning minds and the desire to seek answers. The BSML encourages these qualities to increase confidence and help develop character in the young readers.